iPad for Business Use

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iPad for Business Use
  • iPad for Business Use

    1 Days Course
    Tablet Computing
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    Course Details


    The Apple® iPad® is rapidly becoming a powerful and valued business tool for use in the office and on the go when you’re away from the office. When you integrate your iPad with regular business practices, you can get seamless access to email, the Internet, calendaring and messaging, local and cloud-based files, and additional add-on productivity apps that you’ll quickly and easily discover and begin including in your working day. As you travel through this course, your journey will begin with setting up your iPad, followed by basic features, and then you’ll begin to expand your knowledge into the many useful features that make your iPad such an exciting experience.


    In this course, you will perform common business productivity tasks on an iPad device.


    You will:

    • Set up your iPad.
    • Use and configure the Safari web browser.
    • Setup and use iPad Mail.
    • Configure and use the Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders apps.
    • Install third party apps from the App Store.
    • Create and Manage Files on your iPad.
    • Manage iPad security.
    • Explore other iPad capabilities, settings, and general management and maintenance of your iPad.


    Lesson 1: Getting Started with Your Apple iPad

    • Topic A: Activate Your iPad
    • Topic B: Navigate the iPad Interface
    • Topic C: Use Built-in iPad Functions
    • Topic D: Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
    • Topic E: Care for and Maintain Your iPad

    Lesson 2: Using the Safari Web Browser

    • Topic A: Browse with Safari
    • Topic B: Configure Safari

    Lesson 3: Configuring and Using iPad Mail

    • Topic A: Set Up and Use iPad Mail
    • Topic B: Customize Mail Settings

    Lesson 4: Using Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders Apps

    • Topic A: Navigate the Calendar
    • Topic B: Navigate Contacts
    • Topic C: Navigate Reminders

    Lesson 5: Installing Apps and Managing Files

    • Topic A: Install Apps
    • Topic B: Identify Useful Business Apps
    • Topic C: Manage Files

    Lesson 6: Managing iPad Security

    • Topic A: Customize Personal Security Settings
    • Topic B: Integrate Organizational Security
    • Topic C: Locate a Lost iPad

    Appendix A: Managing and Maintaining Your Apple iPad

    Appendix B: Managing Files with Storage and Document Creation Apps

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for business professionals in a variety of roles such as sales, IT support, general management, etc., who are new iPad users and need to utilize the iPad device to access, create and share information; connect to business and public networks and resources; and perform general work tasks productively and efficiently from a variety of locations and varying levels of network connectivity.


    To ensure your success in this course, you should have the ability to perform basic end-user business computing tasks, including managing email, calendar, contacts, and tasks in any standard email program; accessing Internet information in a standard web browser; utilizing any common office productivity suite; and perform common computer system tasks such as managing files, launching programs, etc.

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