NSE 8 Certification

PrepForce 8 - The only source of Fortinet NSE-8 lab exam training - Available worldwide

The only source of
Fortinet NSE-8 lab exam training - Available worldwide

This detailed hands-on Advanced Bootcamp for NSE-8 is totally unique and a one of its kind — offering five full days of in-depth, comprehensive NSE-8 lab, taught by industry-renowned expert instructors with extensive real- world experience.

This Advanced Bootcamp is intended to serve as the final step in preparing for your NSE-8 Lab Exam.

This Bootcamp is structured to run minimum of 10 hours per day, typically starting at 8 am, with a one-hour lunch break. Each day will be a combination of lectures, step by step definition of each task relevant to a certain Fortinet technology with Q&A sessions. Each delegate then gets to spend most of the time in configuring those and practicing those specially developed hands-on exercises. Delegates will also have full access to their lab equipment throughout the evening to continue practicing on their own or together with the other students.

Insoft Services’ world leading Fortinet Subject Matter Experts have thoughtfully designed this course to help individuals in the preparation for the Fortinet NSE-8 Practical Exam.

Because it covers all the technologies included in the exam blueprint, our training helps to increase your skills in designing, deploying, configuring, and troubleshoot such Fortinet technologies. You’ll not only increase your likelihood of obtaining the Fortinet NSE8 Certification, but also extend your skill-set for your day-to-day work.









covered in
the Training

Upon completion
of this course,
attendees would
be able to?

Design, configure, and troubleshoot
complex networks and IT security scenarios.

Integrate various Fortinet Products
into the network.

Configure Advanced FortiAP
features in complex scenarios.

Configure FortiAP with CLI. Manage
Advanced Wireless Controller.


Labs Scenarios

During the 5 days of training you'll cover a full intense set of labs to teach you how to design, deploy and troubleshoot a full Fortinet Network.

Our Lab setup is one of world's most sophisticated Fortinet remote labs, connecting all Fortinet appliances being covered today in NSE-8 Lab exams. For a sneak peak at our lab setup, please contact us.

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With a proven track record in conducting training around the world, we focus on delivering the best IT training solutions to you and your business. We are devoted to educate professionals to brighten and maximize their potenial for more efficient results.

Labs Availabilty

Each delegate is provided with a dedicated Fortinet rack during the training. Each rack is located remotely and is accessible anywhere in the world. The rack access is provided through each evening as well as on the weekend following the training week. If you would like to continue practicing the lab scenarios after the training, remote lab access can be rented at extra cost (only available to the delegates who attended the training).


This bootcamp is part of Insoft Education Special Curriculum, developed as preparatory material for the NSE8 exam. This is Insoft’s own, in-house developed material, covering topics included in the exam blueprint for the certification. Attending the bootcamp will sufficiently increase the skill-set necessary to attempt the exam, thus significantly improving your chances of passing.

As the bootcamp covers an extensive range of Fortinet products included in the exam blueprint, the course will also extend your real-life Fortinet proficiency. Insoft does not, however, leave any guarantee that after attending this bootcamp you will pass the NSE8 exam.

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