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Fixed Access Networks


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  • 1 Days Course
    Fixed Access (Insoft Specials)

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    This course aims to provide the basic knowledge on the fixed network architecture and on the functioning of its services. In particular, this training covers POTS and ISDN services and the related signaling technologies. Moreover, we will focus on ADSL technology, its architecture, the equipment and Unbundling issues.


    • Analog Telephony
    • POTS signaling
    • ISDN access interface
    • B and D ISDN channels
    • ISDN signaling flow, Q.931 messages
    • PABX
    • ISDN and SS#7: messages similarities and translation
    • Broadband service over twisted pair
    • xDSL technologies
    • ADSL modem
    • ADSL traffic aggregation on DSLAM
    • ISAM access device
    •  ADSL service authentication
    •  Local Loop Unbundling

    Target Audience

    All those who are interested in understanding fixed network services technology and functioning.


    Telecommunications basic skills.