VoIP Security Implementation

VoIP Security Implementation
  • VoIP Security Implementation

    3 Days Course
    ICT Security (Insoft Specials)
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    Course Details


    This training provides an overview of  Vulnerability Assessment techniques within VoIP. At the end of this course trainees will be able to plan and realize Vulnerability Assessment sessions, concerning VoIP and SIP/H323.


    • VoIP review and Security introduction
    • VoIP networks: Footprinting, Scanning and Enumerating
    • Security Assessment within a VoIP network: Denial of Service, VoIP Eavesdropping, Sniffing and Spoofing
    • Security Assessment within specific platforms examples: Call Manager, Communications Manager, Asterix
    • VoIP Hacking: VoIP Fuzzing, Flood-based Disruption Service, Signaling and Media Manipulation
    • Countermeasure against VoIP attacks
    • Social Threats: VoIP Phishing and Spam via Internet Telephony

    Target Audience

    • Security Manager and technicians working with VoIP networks.


    • Networking and VoIP networks basic understanding.

    Course Schedule

      Mar 6 - Mar 8, 2019
      May 14 - May 16, 2019