ECS - Campus Fabric Deploy Course Training

ECS - Campus Fabric Deploy


Enterprise Networking

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Deploying networks utilizing the Extreme Networks Campus Fabric networking environment. This knowledge will be reinforced through actual hands-on experience with networking equipment in a lab environment, where students will perform real world tasks.

  • To deploy Extreme Networks Fabric Networking solutions based on reference architectures from Extreme Networks customer scenarios
  • Take the ECS Fabric Switching & Routing Exam

Fabric Deployment Options

  • Automation and Onboarding Options​
  • Intelligent Ports ​

VSP Switch Management

  • Switching Portfolio​
  • Software Management and Upgrade​
  • Management Interfaces​

Fabric Connect Infrastructure

  • BVLANs​
  • IS-IS global parameters​
  • IS-IS interfaces and adjacencies​

Fabric Management

  • CFM​
  • IP Shortcuts​
  • Mgmt CLIP​


  • L2VSN Configuration​
  • UNI port configuration​
  • Multicast​


  • Inter-VSN Routing over Fabric Connect

Implementing IP Shortcuts

  • Fabric Connect services using IP Shortcut Routing

Implementing Layer 3 VSN

  • VRF routing​
  • Route Redistribution​
  • Inter-VSN Routing​

VIST Core Switch Pair

  • Redundancy on the edge of Fabric​
  • SMLT Configuration​
  • RSMLT​
  • This course is designed as the first step for individuals responsible for the installation, configuration and management of the Extreme Networks family of Fabric switches.
  • Students should possess a solid grasp of LAN concepts, including advanced Ethernet and TCP/IP. .And have referenced and be comfortable with the concepts of Fabric networking Covered in the Campus Fabric Introduction Course.
  • From: 11 July, 2022

    To: 12 July, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 8 August, 2022

    To: 9 August, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 5 September, 2022

    To: 6 September, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 3 October, 2022

    To: 4 October, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 31 October, 2022

    To: 1 November, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 28 November, 2022

    To: 29 November, 2022

    Location: Online

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