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Insoft has been serving IT community with official Cisco training offering since 2010. Find all the relevant information on Cisco training on this page.

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Cisco Certifications

Experience a blended learning approach that combines the best of instructor-led training and self-paced e-learning to help you prepare for your certification exam.

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Cisco Training Catalogue

Explore a wide variety of the Cisco courses, across different countries as well as online courses.

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Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) are prepaid training vouchers redeemed directly with Cisco that make planning for your success easier when purchasing Cisco products and services.

Have CLCs and want to redeem them?

Cisco Continuing Education

The Cisco Continuing Education Program offers all active certification holders flexible options to recertify by completing a variety of eligible training items.

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Cisco Digital Learning

Certified employees are VALUED assets. Explore Cisco official Digital Learning Library to educate yourself through recorded sessions.

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Cisco Business Enablement

The Cisco Business Enablement Partner Program focuses on sharpening the business skills of Cisco Channel Partners and customers.

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Fortinet Technical Certifications

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program is an eight-level training and certification program to teach engineers of their network security for Fortinet FW skills and experience.

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Fortinet Technical Courses

Insoft is recognised as Fortinet Authorized Training Center in selected locations across EMEA.

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Explore the full Fortinet training catalogue. The program includes a wide range of self-paced and instructor-led courses.

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Official ATC Status

Check our ATC Status across selected countries in Europe.

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Fortinet Services Packages

Insoft Services has developed a specific solution to streamline and simplify the process of installing or migrating to Fortinet Products.

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Prepforce Bootcamp

The only comprehensive source available today to prepare for Fortinet NSE 8 certification globally.

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Microsoft Training

Insoft Services provides Microsoft training in EMEAR. We offer Microsoft technical training and certification courses that are led by world-class instructors.

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Technical Training

The evolution of Extreme Networks Technical Training provides a comprehensive progressive pathway from Associate to Professional accreditation.

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Technical Certification

We provide comprehensive curriculum of technical competency skills on the certification accomplishment.

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Courses Catalogue

Find all the Extreme Networks online and instructor led class room based calendar here.

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ATP Accreditation

As an authorised training partner (ATP), Insoft Services ensures that you receive the highest standards of education available.

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Consulting package

We provide innovative and advanced support for designing, implementing and optimising IT solutions. Our client-base includes some of the largest Telcos globally.

Solutions and services

Globally recognised team of certified experts helps you make a smoother transition with our pre-defined consultancy, installation and migration packages for a wide range of Fortinet products.

About Us

Our training portfolio includes a wide range of IT training from IP providers, including Cisco, Extreme Networks, Fortinet, Microsoft, to name a few, in EMEA.

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  • Cisco Professional Services

    We help organisations to deploy Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions, such as Cisco DNA. Besides, our team has extensive experience in integrating Cisco DNA Center with third-party systems.

    Efficient Network Management

    These days, enterprises are gaining flexibility and scalability on their network infrastructures by implementing software-defined approaches.

    Our team of automation and network specialists has been helping several organisations globally to implement Cisco DNA Center for network management. One of the major advantages is the possibility of provisioning and configuring all your network devices in minutes.

    How Cisco DNA Center works

    Everything is managed from Cisco DNA Center Dashboard. Your programmable network infrastructure sends data to the Cisco DNA Center appliance. Then, the appliance activates features and capabilities on your network devices using Cisco DNA software.

    DNA Center Benefits

    • Provision and configure all your network devices in minutes
    • Optimize your Cisco investment
    • Lower your IT spending
    • Receive AI/ML network performance insights
    • Streamline and optimize the deployment of security solutions
    • Promote consistency across configurations
    • Reduce errors and save time

    A solution that fits your needs

    Our team has extensive experience with integration of Cisco DNA Center with third-party systems for improved operational processes.?

    Cisco DNA Center uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to monitor, troubleshoot and optimise your network. This enables you to spend less time on repetitive troubleshooting tasks.

    Consultancy Packages

    Pre-scoped deliverable-based consultancy packages for Cisco ACI Deployments.

    You´ve decided to go for the new Cisco DNA Center-Based Enterprise Solution. You may be asking yourself, “Now what?” or “Where do I start?”. Cisco DNAC is a true innovation that brings the classical routing & switching network to a new level.

    Traditional v.s. Software-Defined Networking

    Traditional networks and networks controlled by the DNA Center, are provisioned in completely different ways. So, this new approach requires expertise and a solid knowledge of new tools.

    Insoft has been helping several organisations globally by implementing software-defined solutions for network management. Our team of automation and network specialists can support your organisation at different stages, from accessing the current state of your network to a knowledge-transfer that will empower your employees to have better visibility on what′s happening within your network.

    How do you know if Cisco DNA Center is the right solution for your enterprise?

    Cisco DNA Center is a powerful network controller and management dashboard that can help you take charge of your network and optimise your Cisco investment. One of the major advantages is the possibility of provisioning and configuring all your network devices in minutes.

    This solution also helps organisations being proactive when it comes to troubleshooting. Your enterprise relies on its network infrastructure to keep running, so reducing the troubleshooting time becomes a top priority. Cisco DNA Center is powered by DNA Center Assurance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that quantify network availability and risk to substantially reduce troubleshooting times.

    Additionally, Cisco DNA Center allows for multi-vendor integration and automation. Our team can help you integrate Cisco DNA Center with your current third-party systems for improved operational processes.

    DNA Center Benefits

    • Provision and configure all your network devices in minutes
    • Optimize your Cisco investment
    • Lower your IT spending
    • Receive AI/ML network performance insights
    • Streamline and optimize the deployment of security solutions
    • Promote consistency across configurations
    • Reduce errors and save time

    A solution that fits your needs

    Our Cisco Professional Services are modular because we understand that not all clients have the same requirements. This approach provides more flexibility in the implementation of your Cisco DNA Center solution.

    Our Ultimate DNA Pack combines all modules mentioned below. You can arrange a free consultation to evaluate which modules would be relevant to your current needs.

    The modules described below are the core features of an Ultimate DNA Pack but can be re-configured to serve your needs. All the modules are accompanied by technical documentation.

    DNA 1 - Strategy

    • Duration: 2-5 days
    • Requirements gathering and analysis with the customer (on-site/remote).
    • Development of the strategy and design for your new Cisco DNA Center solution.
    • Our methodology includes a questionnaire that is sent beforehand to the customer to help with the preparation of the workshop.

    DNA 2 - Proof Of Concept

    • Duration: adjustable
    • Shadow network in a real lab environment before doing the full-blown migration
    • Proof of Concepts Labs allows you to try and test how Cisco DNA Center performs

    This module is ideal for customers that want to see how everything work, before making the effective investment. This helps you decide whether or not Cisco DNA Center is the right choice for your needs.

    DNA 3 - Design & Build

    • Duration: adjustable
    • IT Infrastructure provisioning Security
    • Refine create and optimise policies, before implementing ISE
    • Building SDA Networks
    • Setting up Cisco DNA Center Fabric
    • Creating new HLD and LLD or update the existing ones to finalise the installation

    These are some examples of the features that the DNA 3 - Design & Build module can include.

    DNA 4 - Migration

    • Duration: adjustable
    • Migration from your classical RS platform to full intent-based networking solution

    The duration of this module is adjustable according to the scale of your network. We can start by rolling out one site before migrating to all other sites.

    DNA 5 - Analytics

    • Duration: adjustable
    • Implementation of DNA Assurance

    DNA Assurance is a very important component of the DNA Center because it provides actionable information. Powered by AI and Analytics, it helps identify root causes and minimize troubleshooting time.

    DNA 6 - Automation

    • Duration: adjustable
    • Creation of scripts and automation for fault management and troubleshooting.

    The goal of this module is to help you optimise processes and enable automation using scripts for fault management and troubleshooting.

    DNA 7 - Knowledge-Transfer

    • Duration: 3-5 days
    • Providing know-how and empowering employees to use the new technologies

    This module runs in a workshop format. The goal is to provide your Network Operations Center (NOC) with the knowledge required to keep the Cisco DNA Center solution running and in good shape.