DCCUCS - Configuring Cisco UCS - Unified Computing System Course Training

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DCCUCS v1.0 - Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System

3 days (Online and Onsite)

Data Center and Virtualization

Price Upon Request

The Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) v1.0 is a three-day instructor-led or e-learning course that shows you how to deploy, secure, operate, and maintain Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) B-series blade servers, Cisco UCS C-Series, and S-Series rack servers for use in Data Centers. You will learn how to implement management and orchestration software for Cisco UCS.

You will gain practice on:

  • Configuring key features of Cisco UCS, Cisco UCS Director, and Cisco UCS Manager;
  • Implementing UCS management software including Cisco UCS Director, Cisco UCS Manager, and Cisco Intersight; and more.


This course can be used to prepare for the new CCNP Data Center and CCIE Data Center certifications.

After taking the DCCUCS course, you should be able to:

  • Describe and implement Fibre Channel, zoning, and NPV features on Cisco UCS
  • Describe and implement FCoE on Cisco UCS
  • Describe Cisco UCS policies for service profiles
  • Describe Cisco Adapter FEX and Single Root I/O Virtualization
  • Describe and implement RBAC on Cisco UCS
  • Describe and implement external authentication providers on Cisco UCS Manager
  • Describe and implement key management on Cisco UCS Manager
  • Describe and implement Cisco UCS Director
  • Describe and implement Cisco Intersight
  • Describe the scripting options for Cisco UCS Manager
  • Describe and implement monitoring on Cisco UCS Manager
  • Implementing Fibre Channel on Cisco UCS
    • Fibre Channel Port Channel Functionality
    • Purpose of Zoning
    • Cisco NPV and Fibre Channel Switching Mode


  • Implementing FCoE on Cisco UCS
    • FCoE Topologies
    • FCoE Initialization Protocol
    • FCoE Communication
    • Cisco Data Center Bridging
    • SAN Boot Requirements


  • Describing Cisco UCS Policies for Service Profiles
    • Storage Policies
    • BIOS Policies
    • Boot Policy
    • IPMI Policies
    • Scrub Policies
    • Maintenance Policies


  • Describing Cisco Adapter FEX and Single Root I/O Virtualization
    • Cisco FEX Overview
    • Cisco Adapter FEX
    • Single Root I/O Virtualization


  • Implementing RBAC on Cisco UCS
    • RBAC in Cisco UCS
    • Users, Roles, and Privileges
    • Functions of Organizations and Locales
    • Effective Rights of a User


  • Implementing External Authentication Providers
    • Options for External Authentication Providers


  • Implementing Key Management on Cisco UCS Manager
    • Public Key Infrastructure


  • Implementing Key Management on Cisco UCS Manager
    • Public Key Infrastructure


  • Implementing Cisco UCS Director
    • Cisco UCS Director Overview
    • Install Cisco UCS Director
    • Virtual and Physical Accounts
    • Policies, Virtual Data Centers, and Catalogs
    • Self-Service Portal
    • Cisco UCS Director with VMware
    • Managing VMs
    • Compute Management with Cisco UCS Director
    • Reporting and Monitoring in Cisco UCS Director


  • Implementing Cisco Intersight
    • Cisco Intersight Overview
    • Key Features of Cisco Intersight


  • Describing the Scripting Options for Cisco UCS
    • Cisco UCS Manager XML API
    • Cisco UCS Management Information Tree
    • Managed Object Browser
    • Cisco UCS Manager PowerTool
    • Cisco UCS Python SDK


  • Implementing Monitoring on Cisco UCS Manager
    • Logging Sources in Cisco UCS Manager
    • Port Monitoring Capabilities of Cisco UCS Manager
    • SNMP Security Ramifications
    • Cisco UCS Manager Call Home Feature
    • Describe the Cisco UCS Manager Call Home feature

To fully benefit from the DCCUCS course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • General knowledge of servers
  • Routing and switching knowledge
  • Storage area networking knowledge
  • Server virtualization knowledge

Upcoming Dates

  • From: 7 February, 2022

    To: 9 February, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 7 March, 2022

    To: 9 March, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 4 April, 2022

    To: 6 April, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 9 May, 2022

    To: 11 May, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 6 June, 2022

    To: 8 June, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 4 July, 2022

    To: 6 July, 2022

    Location: Online

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