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EAC - Extreme Access Control

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The Extreme Access Control course teaches you the methods to properly configure and manage their Extreme Networks Access Control (EAC) solution using a combination of the network management software applications including Extreme Management Center, Policy and Extreme Access Control. This knowledge will be reinforced through actual hands-on experience with networking equipment in a lab environment, where you will perform real-world tasks configuring authentication mechanisms as well as creating different assessment methods and policies.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  • Successfully configure and manage their Access Control implementation
  • Take the ECS - Extreme Control certification exam

Introduction to Extreme Access Control

  • Extreme EAC Components
  • Extreme EAC Component functions
  • EAC Licensing Comparisons

Extreme Management Device Management

  • Extreme Management Center
  • Extreme Management Center Tools

Policy Overview

  • Policy Components and Structure
  • Policy Configuration for EAC Integration

Universal Port

  • Universal Port Features for EAC Integration

Initial EAC Configuration

  • EAC Manager Components
  • Adding Devices to the EAC Gateway

EAC Profiles

  • Interactions between Policy and EAC
  • Manage EAC Profiles


  • Authentication Only Model
  • Authentication with Authorization Deployment Model
  • Components of Authentication and Authorization
  • Demonstrated RADIUS and LDAP Authentication Configuration

EAC Rules

  • Overview of EAC Rules
  • Configuration of EAC Rules

EAC Dashboard

  • Navigated to the EAC Dashboard Navigation
  • End System Table
  • Minor troubleshooting tasks for an End System

Network Redirection

  • How EAC Redirection works
  • Options to redirect Wired and Wireless Traffic to the EAC Engine for Network Registration

Portal Configuration

  • Creation of EAC Portal Pages for Network Registration, Assessment, Remediation and Administration

Guest Registration

  • Network Registration
  • Components of Guest Network Registration
  • Configuration of a EAC Deployment Providing Guest Registration Functionality

Network Registration Administration

  • Registration Administration and Sponsor pages
  • Maintenance of a User’s Registration Account

Authenticated Registration

  • Components of Authenticated Network Registration
  • Configuration of a EAC Deployment to provide Registration Functionality


  • Different Assessment Types
  • Assessment Configuration Components
  • Assessment Configurations
  • Network Managers
  • Security Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Operators

Due to the nature of this course, Extreme Networks recommends that students should have previous hands-on experience with Extreme Networks wired and wireless as well as having attended Switching and Routing courses prior to attending.

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