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Fortimail Starter Pakke

FortiMail Starter Package

FortiMail Starter Package is designed to provide an advanced anti-spam and antivirus filtering solution, with extensive quarantine and archiving capabilities, that allows

  • Specialised messaging security system
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Email archiving

It can be applied to:

  • up to 20 Protected Mail Domains
  • up to 50 Recipient Policies
  • up to 5 Profiles

When planning and implementing E-mail Security projects, there are many similarities in required services and configurations that can be integrated into stand-alone Professional Service Packages.

However, E-mail Security projects and implementations can be very specific as each Organization has its consolidated mail policies and best practices. By choosing to adopt our FortiMail Package, you are making the best choice to fully exploit the potential of this Fortinet solution, recognized as effective from small businesses to service providers and large enterprises.

The FortiMail starter package provides the customer with Certified Fortinet Professional for carefully analyze your configuration to design the most effective solution catering with your specific requirements.

All services will be delivered by skilled, trained and certified Professional Services consultants.

FortiMail starter Package is designed for Virtual Appliances, such as:

  • FortiMail VM

And for FortiMail Physical Appliances, such as:


The purpose of the FortiMail Starter Package is to ensure you a fully working, documented and tested solution addressing your requirements, as:

  • Protected Mail Domain
  • Access Control Policies
  • IP Policies
  • Recipient Policies
  • Profiles addressing Session, AntiSpam, AntiVirus, Content, Resource, Authentication, TLS , Action, Notification
  • Custom Quarantine Folder

Our Professional Services ensure you Post Implementation, Best Practice Configuration, Fine Tuning and Hardening, as well as, Testing and Documentation to have a configured, verified, working, documented and accepted working solution.

Optionally we propose a number of options for increasing the scope of your Package, such as:

  • FortiMail configuration in Transparent Mode or Server Mode
  • Configuration and integration with LDAP Servers
  • Configuration of FortiMail DLP Feature
  • Configuration of Dictionary and Group Profiles
  • Configuration of Block/Safe Lists, Bounce Verification, Endpoint Reputation and Bayesian Database
  • Configuration of Mail Encryption (IBE or S/MIME)
  • Configuration of Mail Archiving
  • Configuration of Fortinet Security Fabric integration
  • Configuration of FortiSandbox integration
  • Configuration of remote logging
  • High Availability setup & failover testing If multiple FortiMails have been purchased, Insoft will set up a High Availability cluster and perform failover testing to ensure uninterrupted Mail-Flow in the case of hardware or link failure
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