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The CompTIA Project+?course will provide delegates with the essential knowledge and skills to either manage a project or be an effective, valuable member of the project team. It covers the fundamental steps in any project lifecycle and also addresses the necessary people skills such as effective negotiation, conflict resolution, leadership and team building.
  • Plan, baseline and control a project effectively.
  • Understand how to identify, manage and control change throughout a project.
  • Have an awareness of estimating and managing pitfalls.
  • Understand methods of identifying and controlling risks.
  • Pick up essential tools and disciplines.
  • Make successful cost/schedule/performance trade-offs.
  • Understand quality management and customer expectation management.
  • Identify and control risks.
  • Know why, when and how to report progress.
  • Create schedules, manage resources, track and control project plans using Microsoft Project.
  • Effectively lead and develop a project team.
  • Communicate effectively and carry out dynamic presentations.
  • Get win-win outcomes through assertiveness, empathy and principled negotiations.
  • Practice principled negotiation and conflict resolution.
Lesson 1: Defining Project Management Fundamentals Topic A: Identify Project Management Basics Topic B: Describe the Project Life Cycle Topic C: Identify Organizational Influences on Project Management Topic D: Define Agile Methodology
Lesson 2: Initiating the Project Topic A: Identify the Project Selection Process Topic B: Prepare a Project SOW Topic C: Create a Project Charter Topic D: Identify Project Stakeholders
Lesson 3: Planning the Project Topic A: Identify Project Management Plan Components Topic B: Determine Stakeholder Needs Topic C: Create a Scope Statement
Lesson 4: Preparing to Develop the Project Schedule Topic A: Develop a WBS Topic B: Create an Activity List Topic C: Identify the Relationships Between Activities Topic D: Identify Resources Topic E: Estimate Time
Lesson 5: Developing the Project Schedule Topic A: Develop a Project Schedule Topic B: Identify the Critical Path Topic C: Optimize the Project Schedule Topic D: Create a Schedule Baseline
Lesson 6: Planning Project Costs Topic A: Estimate Project Costs Topic B: Estimate the Cost Baseline Topic C: Reconcile Funding and Costs
Lesson 7: Planning Human Resources and Quality Management Topic A: Create a Human Resource Plan Topic B: Create a Quality Management Plan
Lesson 8: Communicating During the Project Topic A: Identify Communication Methods Topic B: Create a Communications Management Plan
Lesson 9: Planning for Risk Topic A: Create a Risk Management Plan Topic B: Identify Project Risks and Triggers Topic C: Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Topic D: Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Topic E: Develop a Risk Response Plan
Lesson 10: Planning Project Procurements Topic A: Collect Project Procurement Inputs Topic B: Prepare a Procurement Management Plan Topic C: Prepare Procurement Documents
Lesson 11: Planning for Change and Transitions Topic A: Develop an Integrated Change Control System Topic B: Develop a Transition Plan
Lesson 12: Executing the Project Topic A: Direct the Project Execution Topic B: Execute a Quality Assurance Plan Topic C: Assemble the Project Team Topic D: Develop the Project Team Topic E: Manage the Project Team Topic F: Distribute Project Information Topic G: Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations
Lesson 13: Executing the Procurement Plan Topic A: Obtain Responses from Vendors Topic B: Select Project Vendors
Lesson 14: Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance Topic A: Monitor and Control Project Work Topic B: Manage Project Changes Topic C: Report Project Performance
Lesson 15: Monitoring and Controlling Project Constraints Topic A: Control the Project Scope Topic B: Control the Project Schedule Topic C: Control Project Costs Topic D: Manage Project Quality
Lesson 16: Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks Topic A: Monitor and Control Project Risks
Lesson 17: Monitoring and Controlling Procurements Topic A: Monitor and Control Vendors and Procurements Topic B: Handling Legal Issues
Lesson 18: Closing the Project Topic A: Deliver the Final Product Topic B: Close Project Procurements Topic C: Close a Project
Appendix A: CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 Exam Objectives
This course is aimed at experienced project managers wishing to formalise their skills, project managers who, having learnt 'on the job' require formal training leading to certification and technical specialists and engineers who are working for a project manager.
Participants are required to meet the following prerequisites:
  • Should either be currently working in a project-based environment or are planning to do so in the near future.
  • Basic PC and Windows user skills are necessary for the successful completion of this course.
  • From: 18 July, 2022

    To: 22 July, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 15 August, 2022

    To: 19 August, 2022

    Location: Online

  • From: 12 September, 2022

    To: 16 September, 2022

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  • From: 10 October, 2022

    To: 14 October, 2022

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  • From: 7 November, 2022

    To: 11 November, 2022

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  • From: 5 December, 2022

    To: 9 December, 2022

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